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„Risk comes
from not knowing
what you’re doing“

Warren Buffett

Cutting edge ideas
and products.
Unique assets

People Connect Company is a Czech project broker and business development company. Our focus is innovation. We look on new markets and opportunities to develop small and medium-sized businesses. This means also to work with companies developing cutting edge ideas, products, and unique assets.

People Connect Company can offer assistance in a variety of areas help companies and people into a the next stage; either by new business development, mergers or acquisitions. We look into markets directed towards the fast growing sectors, taking into account the significant technological shift expected. Whereas our target is to develop a new talent and skills.

In order to assist the various clients, our consultancy department can offer hands on expertise and competence; such as project management and commercial and technical assistance.

People C_onnect Company 

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170 00 Praha 7

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